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Ways to File a Personal Injury Claim for Accidents on Holiday


If you are injured in any accident while enjoying your holidays either in the UK or any other country, and you have booked your holiday package through a tour operator, as well as your movements or activities at the time of accident were part of that package, you can file a personal injury claim against the tour operator. If the tour operator belongs to the UK, the personal injury compensation claim would come under the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales and would be dealt with by a UK solicitor expert in personal injury claims.


What is the Difference Between Lawyer and Attorney

It happens to all of us at some point or the other in our life that we need some legal help and for that purpose we require some lawyers or attorneys. But not everybody knows about the difference between lawyers and attorneys. Though, both the terms have been taken from different legal systems having the same meaning, technically these are quite different. An attorney is a person who has the legal powers to represent the other, while a lawyer is a person trained in law to give legal advice.


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